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So long!

Posted January 21st, 2011 by admin

I know it’s been a long time since I last wrote, but the last half of 2010 wasn’t much fun. I got an iPhone 4 yesterday and installed the WordPress app, so that might make it easier to update!

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Posted May 23rd, 2010 by admin

Current Mood: CoolFor a combined birthday/Mother’s day present, I bought myself an iTouch a couple of weeks ago. I’ve had a lot of fun playing with it, and I’m actually writing this post on it. Mind you, I had to ask A to install the latest version of WordPress to be able to do it! [...]

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Odd search terms.

Posted March 25th, 2010 by candi

According to Awstats, some of the search terms that people (presumably) have used to find my blog include: itunesspy and amazon imaginarium spiral train set i hope you choke upon that noose around your neck threenager

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Lego porn!

Posted January 8th, 2010 by candi

Stolen from Kalita. From Flickr

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Things I don’t talk about on this blog

Posted January 7th, 2010 by candi

There are some things I don’t talk about on this blog. I don’t write about where I’m going, but I write about where I’ve been. I don’t write about exactly where I work, or who I work for. I don’t write about the school that Willow goes to/A works at. I don’t reveal A’s name. [...]

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The deal with disability.

Posted December 21st, 2009 by candi

One of my lovely friends passed this blog on to me – the deal with disability. It got a wry grin out of me, as well as a few laughs.

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Wordle #1

Posted November 25th, 2009 by candi

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Nano Nano!

Posted November 1st, 2009 by candi

I’ve known of NaNoWriMo for some time now, but it’s not something I’ve ever felt I could commit to, plus I have no illusions that my writing is any good. However, I stumbled across NaBloPoMo, which is far more palatable. I can do a blog post every day, right?! I want to get this blog [...]

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Word of warning…

Posted October 4th, 2009 by candi

I have asked A to change the theme of this blog. It might happen tonight, it might happen next week…

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More bloggity goodness!

Posted April 12th, 2009 by candi

I linked through to this blog, 35 Degrees from a parenting forum I go to. The author of the blog recently survived a sub-arachnoid haemorrhage. My mother died from a sub-arachnoid haemorrhage 7 years ago, so it is heartening to see that it can be survived.

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