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Mulching up.

Posted January 16th, 2010 by candi

Our backyard, has, quite literally, gone to the dogs. It is their domain, their realm. The kid’s play equipment is out the front. Today we did some work out there – we want to be able to send the kids out there without worrying. The problem is that our block slopes quite steeply, so there [...]

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Laughed so hard it hurt!

Posted November 30th, 2009 by candi

A and I don’t get the chance to go out very often, but when I heard about the THEATRESPORTS CELEBRITY CHALLENGE IX I thought it was worth asking a friend to baby sit the children for us and going out on a Sunday night. It was held at the Holden St theatre, which hosts a [...]

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Photoshop fun

Posted November 8th, 2009 by candi

Tonight A showed me some tricks with Photoshop. Prepare to be subjected to my experimentation over the coming weeks. Hopefully nothing I produce will ever end up on this blog – Photoshop Disasters!

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Canberra, my trip!

Posted June 29th, 2009 by candi

Finally, I have the headspace to sit down and write about my trip to Canberra – this time last week I was just walking back from the sports club we went to in a desperate attempt to get something to eat. I left home in a taxi at 4.30pm, with A and two forlorn, crying [...]

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I want to remember moments like this…

Posted June 9th, 2009 by candi

Taking A and the kidlets for a drive in my new car, just cruising, not going anywhere in particular. We ended up heading for the beach, driving North. We found a little fish and chip shop and got an early dinner which we ate while watching a broiling sea. The trip home, with Dexie screaming [...]

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Happy Birthday to me!

Posted May 31st, 2009 by candi

My birthday celebrations started off with high tea last weekend with friends. We went to the Boho Bar, a place I’d wanted to go for ages. I wasn’t disappointed. We had a great time in a unique venue – it is an intriguing place. The food was gorgeous and we shared a bottle of Moet [...]

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What a weekend!

Posted May 19th, 2009 by candi

It was one of those weekends that you need a weekend to recover from. On Thursday night I started packing our bags… Friday afternoon was spent writing an essay at work (I officially finish at one pm but stayed to write until 4pm), then I went home, finished packing our bags and picked Dexter up. [...]

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Happy Birthday, A!

Posted May 9th, 2009 by candi

Happy Birthday, my darling. May we celebrate many more together.

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Happy Birthday Willow!

Posted January 22nd, 2009 by candi

I can’t believe my little girl is 4 years old. This is my post from this time last year: A is putting together Willow’s new bike while we reminisce. This time three years ago I was in the early stages of labour. I’d woken up at 5:30am with contractions, but they were irregular to say [...]

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Date night!

Posted January 18th, 2009 by candi

A and I don’t have the opportunity to go out very often. In fact, the last time we’d spent any time together alone was doing Christmas shopping during a lunch break. The time before that, I can’t even remember. We’d been thinking about what to do – dinner and a movie were on the cards. [...]

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