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Day Two

Posted March 22nd, 2011 by admin

The new starter seems to be going well. As I mentioned before, it’s really cooled down here. It’s the weather for cuddling up in bed, flannel pyjamas and comfort food. So I was a bit worried that the starter wouldn’t like the temperature in my kitchen, but I’ve been cooking on the stove (chicken, mushroom [...]

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Posted March 21st, 2011 by admin

Well, life conspired to keep me away from my sourdough starters and they went mouldy. I figured this wasn’t a ‘good thing’ so I have started again. I’ve read up a bit more about the whole process, in particular the covering of the mixture. Apparently the idea is to allow wild yeast and lactobacilli into [...]

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Posted March 9th, 2011 by admin

I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m not much of a cook. I burn food, or I under cook it with great monotony. I might over season it, or leave it too bland. I do enjoy cooking if I can do it in peace and I even get some pleasure from cooking with the children. [...]

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