Posted March 1st, 2010 by candi

We have been thinking about how to help Willow get organised for school. We were contemplating a sort of row of hooks on a plank of wood, but we can’t agree about where to put it. The idea is that she’d hang her recorder off the Monday hook, her library bag off the Thursday hook.

In the interim, I’ve made a calenday (yes, that is a mistype, but I think it’s kind of appropriate). Most mornings she’ll come to me and ask what she’s doing. Some weekend mornings she starts stressing because she’s not ready for school. So the calenday is my solution, loosely based on the concept of compix, in a Word document.

Willow’s reading skilz aren’t great yet, so I used clip art as well as the words. On 7 A4 pages, I typed the days of the week up the top of the page. On Monday to Friday I put a picture of a book for her reader and a bag for her school bag, on the weekend I put a picture of a family (she complained because the boy was bigger than the girl, then she decided that the boy was the little one but he just liked pink!)

Willow has to wear a sports uniform on M, W and F, so in the middle of a separate page, I typed sports uniform and put a picture of a polo shirt and shorts. For T & T I put on another page a picture of a girl in a dress. With these ones, I cut off the top so that you can put them in from of the day pages and still see them.

On different days she has Music, Art&Craft and Library, so I typed these out and put the appropriate pictures in. These are down the bottom of the page and I trimmed these right down so they go at the very front, all in a plastic sleeve. The ones that aren’t being used can go behind the day page.

The idea is that once we have done her reader we’ll change it over for the next day and talk about what will be happening then. It’ll hang up on the edge of the whiteboard, in clear view.

I’m planning to make some more pages up for shopping, parties, sleep overs, other school activities, swimming and staying at home, as well as anything else that comes up.

Doing this has made me realise that we often forget to talk to her about what’s happening ahead of time. :oops: Possibly as a self protection method, for when things don’t go to plan!

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  1. Michelle responds:
    Posted: March 1st, 2010 at 10:55 pm

    I have something similar for Boyd (and I!) – and one of the ways we keep him calm and ok is by talking about things in advance.
    Each night before bed I always go through with him the events of the next day, who’s dropping him at school, who’s picking him up, whats happening after school, where he is sleeping etc etc.

    We have done this for a while and it does help with his anxiety levels.

    I like your chart idea anyway, sorry for the waffle!

  2. Sally responds:
    Posted: March 11th, 2010 at 9:19 am

    Brilliant idea – I might have to borrow this one!

    Sally (A&B)

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