Posted October 10th, 2009 by candi

I took my blood pressure a couple of minutes ago and that was the result. In hindsight, it all started on Wednesday. I had taken Willow to a birthday party, caught up with some friends in the park and done a bit of shopping. When I got home, I commented to A that I felt a bit peopled out. Being with people for too long tends to wear me out – I am a true introvert. I was feeling heavy headed and tired.

The next day I had uni, I made it through that okay. Again I felt heavy headed, almost like I was going to come down with a cold. I came home and went to bed quite early. In fact, I fell asleep on Willow’s bed while sitting with her. I had a headache, a familiar pain just above my eyes – two panadeine 15s did nothing to it.

The next day I woke up with the same searing pain in my head. At that point I thought I should take my blood pressure. It was about 153/105 and then 147/105. Dear reader, those are not good numbers. Ideally, your blood pressure should be 120/80. The lower number being over 100 is very bad.

Given that my mother died of an aneurysm and my father died of a heart attack, high blood pressure tends to freak me out. Terrible irony there. After Dexie was born, I was actually hospitalised because my blood pressure wouldn’t go down. I was discharged with medication, but went off it. So the first thing I did was take one of the tablets that I had left over from when I did take my tablets. Then I made an appointment to see a doctor. I managed to get in to see a doctor at the sister clinic to the one I usually go to – she also works there.

She was great – when I mentioned that I’d already taken one tablet of Nifedipine, she said it was probably a good thing. My first reading was 174/112, then a few minutes later it was 154/112. Not good. She requested some bloods, kidney, liver, fasting cholesterol, sugar and thyroid. She also wrote a medical certificate for my uni case plan. I wasn’t really in any state to focus on a computer screen. I also mentioned that my Nanna has just been diagnosed with polycythemia vera. Apparently her bone marrow makes too many red blood cells.

That’s when my face started to feel hot. So now I felt like I’d been sunburnt and hungover, with none of the prior fun! My head was still throbbing. I went home and had a rest. Not easy to do with two lively children around. Also, we are having people over tomorrow, so a certain amount of preparation needed to be done for that.

I took my blood pressure on and off, despite the medication it just wasn’t going down. At 9pm I took another tablet. I spent the night tossing and turning, worrying that if I did fall asleep I wouldn’t wake up. Very morbid, I know. Have I mentioned the pain? I know, I know, I gave birth without drugs, I should be able to deal with pain. This was a very constant, intense, worrying pain though. Totally different.

I woke up at about 7 o’clock this morning, fed Dexie and took two Panadeine 15s. A took the children and gave me a chance to sleep for a bit longer. The headache had almost gone, but my blood pressure was still around 140/105. Had a small breakfast, grain bread toasted with peanut butter and a black coffee. The two vultures that possess my children whenever I sit down with something to eat came over and demanded food. Went up to get my bloods done and realised that I shouldn’t have eaten anything! Oh well, I’ll get them done on Monday. I have a follow up appointment on Thursday with the same doctor, so the results should be back by then.

Scary to think that I will probably need to take this medication for the rest of my life, I have a hard time dealing with that. However, it is better than the alternative. After all, my mother refused to take medication for her high blood pressure and look where that got her.

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  1. Melissa responds:
    Posted: October 11th, 2009 at 6:49 am

    For the record, I have absolutely no trouble at all with the thought of you taking this medication for the rest of your life. I have far more of a problem wtih the thought of you checkign out on us, you dill!

    Get better soon, my friend. Genuinely concerned for you over here.

  2. Dee responds:
    Posted: October 11th, 2009 at 7:40 pm

    Yeah ditto what Mwlissa said, just get over it Candi.
    I have been on tablets since I was pregnant with S 19 years ago. Go up to 3 tablets a day with her back to one for a couple of years up to 2 with T and been on one ever since ( although that one has since been increased to double dosage).

    This isn’t about you now it is about being there for your kids.

  3. Melissa responds:
    Posted: October 11th, 2009 at 7:49 pm

    Um, I really, really, really didn’t mean get over it. It’s just I’m on meds that I will be on the rest of my life (diabetes, and I’m guessing whatever mood stabiliser they start me on), and I know the thought of always having them can seem painful at first.

    I just hate, HATE the thought you you being at risk.

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