First day back at uni!

Posted March 3rd, 2009 by candi

So yesterday was my first day back at uni. There were a few familiar faces in the lecture theatre, so that was nice. One guy in particular I worked closely with in a subject last year. He’s in my tutorial too, which makes a nice change from all the bimbos who simply giggle when the tutor asks them a question. Speaking of tutors, ours is fantastic. Not some academic who has never left the campus, she is the director of an organisation for multicultural youth here in Adelaide. Very impressed.

This subject has an exam, which we are not impressed with.

I also worked out a short cut to get from uni to FDC. That was a bonus.

In other news, Willow has two birthday parties coming up on the same day! One is a bit of a drive away, from 10 to 12, then the next one is in town from 2-4. I think we’ll make it, but she will sleep well that night!

Willow brought home a folder today titled ‘My day at ELC’ it was a lovely book of photos detailing what she does in a day at her ELC. We read it together tonight before she went to sleep.

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