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You can’t go to Iraq in God Mode.

Posted June 28th, 2007 by candi

There is a doco on the TV at the moment about using violent video games to train/prepare people to become soliders and go to war. I played my fair share of first person shooter games as a teenager, but I don’t know… Sure it might hone your accuracy and reaction times, but games like that [...]

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Why did I worry?

Posted June 28th, 2007 by candi

I have this green dress that I bought in the US, it is somewhat figurehugging, so I never wore it because I was afraid that it would cling to my tummy which is less than firm. Yesterday I wore it and got a bit of a reality check when someone didn’t even realise I was [...]

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My favourite pizza.

Posted June 26th, 2007 by candi

We wanted to use up some leftovers for dinner tonight, so A made pizzas. Well, he made me a pizza, then decided that he wasn’t feeling well. It had smoked salmon, rocket, mint, avacado and mozzarella on it – very yummy. Lately Willow has been waking me up with smothering kisses on the nose. Not [...]

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To the people who invented Tums!

Posted June 22nd, 2007 by candi

I’d like to bow down before them and kiss the very ground they walk on. The brioche turned out very well. Perhaps too well, I’ve been getting bad heartburn since eating umm… well, 4 muffin sized brioches.

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My day off.

Posted June 22nd, 2007 by candi

Not working Fridays is lovely, it’s nice to have a day off.  I did have plans tocatch up with a friend, but she is ill, so had to cancel.  Instead we are having a day at home, I’m doing housework, hopefully a bit of sewing, some cooking, cleaning out the fish tank. I thought I’d [...]

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Another month

Posted June 20th, 2007 by candi

I got told this afternoon that my contract at work, which ends on July the first, will be renewed for another month. It’s good news of course. We can’t afford for me to not work at this stage. I have told them that I want to keep working until the middle of September. The 14th [...]

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Have I mentioned…

Posted June 19th, 2007 by candi

…how much I love ABC2? Right now we are watching a live recording of a Gorillaz concert. The other night we saw New Order playing in NYC. Much nicer to have on in the background than some fearmongering crime show. It’s also nice to have on if I’m at home on a Friday as the [...]

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It worked!

Posted June 18th, 2007 by candi

My BSL this morning was 3.8, so while it was technically too low, that is the highest I’ve tested it at. The pudding worked! I tested throughout the day and it stayed fairly stable, 5.1, 5.4 and 4.1. I didn’t actually eat that well because I forgot my ATM card. I had two fruit muffins [...]

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The end of another weekend.

Posted June 17th, 2007 by candi

The weeks have been flying by recently, on Tuesday I’ll be 25weeks pregnant. The other day I was thinking – as morbid as it may be – that if this little boy was born now, he’d have a good chance of surviving. Of course, I hope that he stays put for now! I have to [...]

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toddler youtubes

Posted June 6th, 2007 by candi

How cool is this? From Parent Hacks, some kind soul has put together a page of toddler suitable youtube links. Willow loves looking at ‘cattens’, or any animal really, on my laptop. I was looking at a youtube link that a friend shared and had to close it down when I realised that it was [...]

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